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Time and Nothingness
An Age of Juxtaposition and Simulacra

A transparent look at postmodernism and the polycontemporary age
by Brett Osborn.

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Finally a book that explains Postmodernism in a very understandable way. The book clearly defines the modern and illustrates how postmodernism has reacted against modernism and modernity.

Originally intended for Art Theory classrooms the text has become so popular with non-artists that the author expanded the text to include subject to appeal to a wider audience.

A must read for sociologists, historians, cultural theorists, philosophers, artists and parents.

About the author: Brett Osborn is a practicing fine art artist, social theorist, and educator. His degrees were earned from The University of Wisconsin, Madison and California State University, Long Beach. He has had extensive experience in several artistic fields including professional theater, Hollywood film production and the fine arts. His work spans the classification of modern painting, postmodern installations, and situational occurrences.

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